SONICA is a Ljubljana-based music festival that champions diverse niche trajectories in contemporary music — experimental, electronic, modern classical, avantgarde and transgenre — and sound art. Established in 2009 by MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art, it is the Slovenian festival with the longest tradition in the fields of niche electronic music and transdisciplinary art practices, collaborating with musicians, composers, DJs, visual and intermedia artists, VJs, designers, sculptors, curators and theoreticians. 

The festival consists of concerts, club nights, production and research residencies, exhibitions, public interventions, presentations and talks. Though focused on the international music scene, it lays emphasis on the Balkan region and Eastern Europe. Apart from the annual edition in Ljubljana, SONICA has organised various editions in London, Wroclaw, Trieste, Venice, Wien, Berlin, Zagreb and Belgrade.