PRITLIZZA, home made pizza branding
In the first wave of the epidemic, bar Pritličje started baking its own, home-made pizzas called PRITLIZZA - a derivative of the word Pritličje. Due to epidemiological restrictions (take-away only), we designed a simple identity - logo in the form of a sticker. We marked the take-away pizza box and menu. We communicated Pritlizzas through social networks, in the form of short video clips with bar visitors as the main actors. Video clips with music are animated and combined with logo in stop-motion animation and appeal to the younger and middle-aged generation, which mostly visit the bar.
photo: Marijo Zupanov
logo / sticker
all you can eat
all you can eat

everyone's taste

pritlizza coat flashing
pritlizza love
straight out of the oven
sharing is caring
pizza?! pritlizza!